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Meet The Team!






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Seminole, FL 33775

Meet our team!

As you can see, quality control is quite important!

Dr. Cherie Buisson

Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian
Certified Low Stress Handling (TM) Silver
Certified QPR Suicide Prevention

Dr. Buisson wasn’t (and isn’t!) always A Happy Vet. In fact, for many years, she was An Unhappy Vet. Despite working in wonderful practices with compassionate mentors, she always felt she didn’t fit in. She found private practice draining and felt like a failure for her inability to be “a real vet”. She learned the hard way for two decades, and her mission is to provide veterinary professionals with the tools to find their happiness and to help them be comfortable if they take a nontraditional approach. She believes it’s never too late to find your place, but there’s nothing wrong with starting early!



Senior Quality Control Wiener

Schatzie is our senior Quality Control Wiener. Her tasks include popping wheelies for treats, being a seeing eye dog for Frieda, snuggling, whining for food while chewing the food she just got for whining, smelling like corn chips, and having a super pettable belly. If her sister is getting too much attention, she will go to the front door and bark and then steal her place on the couch when Frieda runs to the door barking like crazy. Her future plans are to sleep in the bed while Mom sleeps in the crate and figuring out how to construct something that will let her get up on the kitchen counter.


Junior Quality Control Wiener

Frieda is our junior Quality Control Wiener. She doesn’t let being blind get in her way. Her skills include bumping into things at high speed and not noticing, making hysterically funny noises when she yawns, unzipping/unlocking suitcases and poisoning herself and her sister with the contents, enthusiastic (if stinky) kisses, and kicking everyone around her while she sleeps.  Her future plans include napping, barking at nothing, and letting the breeze blow in her crimpy ear fur.

Low Stress Handling Certified

This logo signifies that the professionals caring for your pet have learned scientifically-based techniques to reduce stress in animals.

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