Finding Your Happiness

Renew your love of veterinary medicine and remember why you chose this profession.

Meet Dr. Buisson!

Dr. Cherie Buisson is a 2000 graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She is the owner of A Happy Vet and Helping Hands Pet Hospice in Largo, FL. Her articles are featured on and in other publications. She lectures internationally on hospice, euthanasia, team building, self-care, compassion fatigue and being happy in veterinary medicine. Dr. Buisson is a recovering perfectionist, bookworm, cyclist, and living proof that being a nerd isn’t all that bad.

Speaking Engagements
Jan 2018 VBMA Round Table
Feb 2018 Happy People, Happy Pets
Mar 2018 Iowa Vet School
July 2018 AVMA Denver, CO
Aug 2018 NDVMA
Aug 2018 University of Georgia Vet School
Sep 2018 All Cats Hospital
​Sep 2018 Purdue Vet School
​Oct 2018 IAAHPC
Feb 2019 Ridge Veterinary Medical Society
VBMA National Meeting Roundtable

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PO Box 3271
Seminole, FL 33775

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