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Did you hear it? Dr. Cherie Buisson was recently on Podcast A Vet and had a lot to talk about!

You’re probably already aware that your mindset determines a lot of what you experience in life, including your career in vet med. But how you create and nurture that positive mindset? So many of us struggle with issues like impostor syndrome, guilt, general negativity and so much more that affect our relationships, careers, and lives, and today, Dr. Cherie Buisson walks us through how to break out of a mental rut and craft an attitude that will pay dividends in all aspects of your life.

In This Episode:

  • Why private practice doesn’t suit everyone and what the alternatives are
  • Being your own boss in veterinary medicine
  • How to get over your imposter syndrome and stop making excuses for your success
  • The importance of teaching and understanding resilience
  • Using pain control to bring your patients happiness